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Cardboard Sheets


    Cardboard Sheets are available in our Amazon Store

cardboard sheets

Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard sheets work well for many things when moving or for shipping. For moving the work well for those odd shaped items. Like; mirrors,pictures, and other large flat items. Cardboard sheets can wrap around the item making your own perfect size box. Custom size boxes like this are expensive, making your own will save you money.

Other uses for cardboard sheets are:

  • To put inbetween dishes for extra protection
  • To make dividers in boxes to keep things apart
  • To wrap furniture ends so they do not get damaged
  • To store candlesticks
  •  Put between books to preserve their covers
  • Make Doll houses and furniture [see video below]
  • Used to put inbetween product on pallets
  • Used for arts and crafts
  • Make cardboard furniture [see video below]




Cardboard Sheets are available in our Amazon Store 



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