October 24, 2011 @ 8:04 PM

Shipping Peanuts Other Uses

 Ok, you shipped your package and it arrived at your destination with no problems.  Which is great.  Mission accomplished right?   Well yes, one mission was accomplished and one has just begun.  What to do with the left overs.  Or that great item you purchased on eBay arrives with a box full of packing peanuts.  The shipping peanuts protected your item well, but what are you going to do with the peanuts?  You could always just through them away, however there is many more responsible uses for the left over peanuts.


The most obvious use is to use them again.  Packing peanuts will keep for years, so why not put them in a plastic bag close it up and put it in the corner of the garage.   Then when you need to ship that occasional item you will already have on hand packing peanuts to ship your item and you will not have to re-purchase.  Packing up those holiday ornaments every year only to find some broke the following year.  Protect them with peanuts so your keepsakes make it to another year.


Craigslist or your local newspaper have a section for free stuff.  List your peanuts there and someone will be more than happy to take them off your hands.  If you have several bags, you can list them with a small fee and even make a little in the process


Most communities have a program in place to recycle shipping and packing peanuts.  Many shipping stores will take peanuts in donation. 

Potted Plants and Gardening

Put them in your potted plants to provide drainage and make the plants much lighter to move.   We sell a lot of our shipping peanuts to customers who use them in gardening for drainage.

Cooler Insulation

You can put some in sealed plastic bags and lay on top of your ice in the cooler.  This will help the ice to last much longer.

Arts and Crafts

There is many arts and crafts that can be done with shipping peanuts.  How about stringing them up like popcorn?  You can also string them and make necklaces for the kids.  Take food coloring and die them different colors.


Make A House

If you are real industrious you could make a house like the one below : )

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