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5 Jan 2012    Bubble Wrap Necklace

Make Your Own Bubble Wrap Necklace 

Ever wonder what other uses there is for bubblewrap? There are hundreds of projects you can do making a fun day and not costing you much money.  This is one of them.  Making a necklace is a fun project that opens up creativity and once done gives the sense of accomplishment.  Who knows maybe you will open up another sideline selling your creations on eBay or etsy.  Much of the supplies you probably have around the house.  

13 Apr 2008    Save 50% or More Purchasing the Correct Bubble Wrap

Save 50% or More Purchasing the Correct Bubble Wrap 

Using custom sizes to save time and money.   Are you cutting to make it fit, or just including the excess?  You could save a lot by using the correct size for your item.





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