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Stretch Pallet Wrap > Easy stretch film pallet plastic wrap hand roll 18 x 1500
Easy stretch film pallet plastic wrap hand roll 18 x 1500

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Pallet Plastic Wrap

New EZ Stretch film.

EZ-Stretch is a pre-stretched film which eliminates a lot of the problems with hand wrapping.  Making this pallet plastic wrap easy to use.

Regular stretch wrap: Regular wrap is designed to be stretched 150-200% during application. When using a machine it is easy to do, however by hand it is almost impossible to get that much stretch. Some may get 50-75% stretch, most will get little or none. Which means a lot of wrap is wasted and it does not perform as it should. Then you have all the wear and strain on the wrapper [you] bending over, pulling trying to get tight, having the plastic wick on you [narrow] and break. Wrapping can be very frustrating.

Since the wrap is not stretched to the designed stretch, it will continue to stretch in transit allowing your load to shift or worse to have your wrapping fail.

For lighter weight items it is almost impossible to get the load wrapped correctly with the proper stretch as when you pull to stretch you move the load off the pallet. So in the end you end up with a bad wrap.

Most wrapping machines, and certainly most high-end wrapping machines will pre-stretch the wrap as it comes out of the machine. Because the advantages are great when you pre-stretch. But machines are expensive and not needed for many smaller operations.

Enter in EZ-Stretch:pallet plastic wrap 

Ez-Stretch is a pre-stretched wrap. When you lift the roll you will imediately know something is different as the rolls are 1/3 the weight of standard rolls.

Since the wrap is already pre-streched, all you have to do is apply the film, no stretching is needed.

Works well in cold weather where stretching regular wrap is almost impossible because of the cold temperatures. Ez-stretch is already stretched, so just apply it to your load.

Wrapping pallets is faster as you do not have to stretch.

Made with a 7 layer extruded process, it is puncture resistant.

The edges are thicker than the middle, so there is no wickdown [thinning]

Film transparency is good, so you can see your load through the wrap.

Your load continues to tighten, instead of loosening like standard wrap.

Easier handling and less effort to apply.
Less muscle strain.
Can be applied walking frontwards, to minimize trip hazards.
Minimized damage if dropped.

Since the wrap stays the same size during the whole process, you use less film so you get more out of each roll than standard wrap

Now you can have the advantages of pre-stretch without the expense of a large machine.